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Fascination for kites
Kites were always a big fascination for me. However, the first childhood attempts were rather frustrating. I had to run continuously over the field, holding a kite in motion hoping that it would fly. Those times the kites were made up of pine-wood and parchment paper. If you are lucky then the kite will fly. And the joy it brings with it was infinite. One day I saw a child with his father, who had made a box kite which was quite a sight for the eyes those days. The kite flew fantastic and this lovely experience stayed with me, for many years, in my memory. I bought a “Lenkeddy” and a small stunt kite for 70.00 DM which I and my sons kept with us for a very long time.

With passing time studies, work, family and other hobbies crossed my way and occupied most of my time. The passion for kites got buried till Fascination Asia rekindled the fire that was burning deep within. 40 years passed when for the first time I laid my hands on a book about kites from Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig. I was very enthusiastic about this book. The content offered a new territory to explore which was followed by a phase of intensive studies. The visit to a kite festival on “Liebschützberg” provided a further stimulus to me.

Although being a late beginner, now I was determined to build a kite for myself. It was difficult to arrange the material at first and the colours were also not of my choice but the urge to finally start building my first own kite was very strong in me. I arranged for a second hand sewing machine for 40.00 DM. My first very own kite should be a “Sode Dako”, I thought.

I worked hard on it and with much happiness I am proud to announce that I was successful in my first attempt. My first kite flew fantastically. My second project was a “Snowflake”. Even though I prefer another colour scheme now, the snowflake is still very close to my heart. Step by step I ventured further in the realm of kite making. With time I realised that there is a lot to do, lot to build and so many kites to fly. In the meantime I have worked upon and completed many projects and kites with different techniques. I also had the honour to visit many different kite festivals all around the world, Europe, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Canada to mention some. Last but not the least I have united my passion for photography with my fascination for kites. I am enthusiastic about the aerial photography and share it full heartedly with my friends.

If you happen to discover my banner with “Drachenbaendiger” written on it then you can be sure that I am somewhere near you.


Always hoping to transfer my enthusiasm for this hobby through my webpage

Yours Andreas



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